Welcome to our story...

God has richly blessed us with a big, fun family...
We have 10 children... 3 homegrown & 7 born in our hearts!

Blake... our oldest is 25 and has a heart for the Lord. He enjoys; church, family, mission trips, making music, playing guitar & drums at church, and writing.

Brianna Faith... is 21 and has a compassionate & tender heart. She's a wonderful big sister. She began talking to us about adoption when she was 11 yrs old. She is "Faith in motion"

Brent... is 17 - he's an awesome guy! He's in highschool. He has a special heart for family and God. He loves sports! Brent loves to laugh & is full of life!

Bethany Lidia... now 15, joined our family in August 2006 at 9 yrs old. She's from the beautiful country of Guatemala. She started school for the very first time (at 9 yrs old) and is now in 9th grade. Lidia's passion is sports & dancing!

Benjamin Ross... 15 yrs old. We first saw his picture in April 2007 & came home in May '08. Ben is deaf, but his special need is that he needed a family. Ben loves making home-runs & hanging out with family & friends. Ben is from Tianjin, China.

Briella Xiyao... our beautiful 15 yr old daughter from Fujian Province, China. She joined our family in July 2009. She's always wearing a big smile! She has a passion for the deaf & very proficient in sign language. She loves basketball!!

Bellamei Ying... our Inner Mongolian princess. Bellamei is 14 yrs old and held my hand for the first time on July 18, 2011. She has melted into our big family seamlessly and it is truly an honor to be her mommy.

Brinley Grace FuChuan... is 9 years old and joined our family in July 2007. She's from Jiangxi Province, China. She has the most gentle, sweet spirit... she's an angel!

Bayla Shea Chao-Yu... our youngest. She's 9 yrs old, 5 months younger than Brinley. Bayla's from Hunan, China & came home at 11.5 months. She's bright, funny (and spicy!) We can't get enough of her hugs & kisses.

and our caboose... Braxton Emanuel Jordan - 8 yrs old? (see post below) He's from Guangdong Province and is now officially our son!

This 1 min video shows how we've GROWN!

Catching Up !

July 13, 2010
Where does the time go? Well, I must admit, having 8 kids and a home business is keeping me quite busy! Let's see... in the past 6 months... well, so much has happened. Briella joined our family 1 year ago today! Brianna has graduated from highschool & will be starting college. Brent finished middle school. Brinley & Bayla finished kindergarten (same class). Mike stopped working 3 jobs, and is only working 1. We got through the spring birthdays (5 of our kids have a b-day within a 38 day period)! Lidia, Ben & Briella played spring baseball & softball. Lidia & Briella spent a week with my good friend Gabriela and her family, attending a week-long basketball camp. Ben, Briella, Brinley & Bayla are attending deaf camp for several weeks of the summer, with Lidia & Brent going as helpers. The whole family is attending sign language and deaf culture classes at church. Brianna performed in her final school play (she performed for 6 years in theater), and won Best Actress for her graduating class. Ben was reunited with his childhood friend (a true miracle). And right now, Brent is at Mayport Naval Base in Florida for his 2 week boot camp training for the Sea Cadets. Tired yet? Really though, our big family is having a lot of fun living life & praising God for our blessings. Here are some pics from the last few months...

7 months ago, Brent joined the U.S. Naval Sea Cadets. This is an awesome program for teens ages 13-17. The time has finally come for his 2 week boot camp. I drove him to Mayport Naval Station, near Jacksonville Florida to drop him off. It was a long and VERY hot day for him, as it took 4 hours for him to get processed and he was at attention most of that time in a very hot hanger with the other cadets. There are 100 new cadets there. They had their inspections, including their sea-bags, their paperwork (every i is dotted and T crossed), all got their hair buzzed off. Brent's was already just done by me the day before...the shortest #1 setting on the buzzer, but they got it even closer. This is an extremely structured boot camp, and I know he will learn a LOT about discipline and following orders, as well as all the cool things he will do on base. There are several ships in port and they will have special trainings. Their day starts at 5:15 with physical training on the beach. Brent was pretty excited about this, and we're really proud of him!

Brianna Faith has graduated high school, and here are pics of our little girl looking so grown up (and beautiful)!

Ben with his best friend from China, Wu-Ye, also known as "Eddie". They grew up together in the orphanage. We never ever thought they would see each other again, but God had it all planned out. Eddie was adopted by a wonderful family, that lives just 40 minutes from us. Now they see each other every week! What a miracle.

Brianna's last school play ~ High School Musical ~ We loved it!

Brent & Ben enjoying the July 4th fireworks...

Lidia & Briella's softball team won the championship!